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PCA Skin Procedure Ointment

PCA Skin Procedure Ointment



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PCA Skin Procedure Ointment



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      Accelerate skin healing with PCA SKIN Skin Procedure Ointment.

      Designed to soothe compromised skin, boost healing and reduce inflammation, this multifunctional ointment softens and nourishes skin left aggravated by cosmetic procedures. Featuring occlusive benefits, which provide a protective seal to lock ingredients in their place, PCA SKIN Skin Procedure Ointment accelerates healing for a gorgeous, healthy complexion in no time.

      Key Features:

      • Free of dyes and fragrance
      • Best suited for post-procedure care and boosts healing
      • Panthenol and shea butter maintain hydration
      • Silymarin provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits

      Soothe and calm skin with PCA SKIN Procedure Ointment.

      From the manufacturer

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      For daily post-procedure use, cleanse skin and apply a thin, even layer over the face. Follow with the appropriate PCA SKIN broad-spectrum SPF product in the daytime and moisturizer in the evening. For post-procedure skin recovery, apply liberally as needed.

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