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Patchology GEN-Z Moodmask

Patchology GEN-Z Moodmask


Treatment Type | The Good Fight


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Patchology GEN-Z Moodmask


Treatment Type

The Good Fight

  • Product Description

      Your Squad Just Grew By Three

      You’ve got the whole youthful-skin thing down pat. But that doesn’t mean your complexion couldn’t use a pick-me-up. Created for your skin’s different moods, moodmask™ sheet masks treat the problems of younger skin. Basically, we combat all of your “what the heck?!” moments, to make you look really good.

      Ideal for: younger skin going through all of those "what the heck?!" moments.

      Mood Boost in T-minus 10

      Step 1: Unfold the mask and pop it onto your face (wiggle around until you get the best fit possible).

      Step 2: Leave on for 10 minutes, or longer if you want.

      Step 3: Remove the mask and massage any excess serum into skin. No need to rinse, just let all that goodness absorb right in. 

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