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Jane Iredale Corrective Colors

Jane Iredale Corrective Colors



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Jane Iredale Corrective Colors



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      Instead of using a one-size-fits-all concealer, you can use a color correcting product that targets multiple types of imperfections for more complete, natural coverage. These mineral formulas are lightweight and easy to blend so they create flawless coverage. 
      • A professional palette created for camouflaging all the stages of bruising. Also covers hyperpigmentation.
      • The colors actually follow the “life cycle” of a bruise, concealing it at every stage:
        – Yellow conceals redness.
        – Peach hides blue, purple or grey.
        – Lilac covers yellow.
        – Beige conceals hyperpigmentation.


      HOW TO USE

      Use Camouflage Brush and apply to very dark eye circles, hyperpigmentation or bruising before or after foundation.


      • Lightly tap onto skin rather than brushing on.
      • Apply to face and body to conceal bruising.
      • Use to conceal tattoos.




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