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Colorescience Total Eye Firm & Repair Cream

Colorescience Total Eye Firm & Repair Cream

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Colorescience Total Eye Firm & Repair Cream



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      Total Eye
      ® Firm & Repair Cream is clinically proven to target visible signs of aging for eyes that look revived and
      youthful. Powerful humectants deliver rich moisture to skin’s surface and replenish hydration within to improve skin
      barrier health. A nourishing blend of botanical ingredients, antioxidants, and peptides support collagen and elastin
      for enhanced firmness and elasticity. The appearance of lines and wrinkles is smooth and supple. Invigorating
      caffeine helps reduce puffiness for an awakened appearance.


      Visibly improves all signs of skin aging including dark circles, puffiness, skin laxity, crow’s feet & dehydration

      Promotes healthy collagen and helps energize skin for immediate and long term improvement

      Provides moisture rich hydration to support skin barrier health and smooth the appearance of crepey skin

      Intensely hydrating & soothing

      Long term improvement in appearance of signs of aging around eye area
      Dermatologist tested

      Ophthalmologist tested:

      Safe for use around the eye area, for contact lens wearers, for sensitive eyes
      Free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, animal testing, talc, & dyes



      Actineyes : A combination of sea water and marine microalgae that protects skin from impurities while addressing
      skin laxity and under eye bags by helping support the health of collagen and increasing firmness of skin

      Aldavine ™5x: A powerful ingredient comprised of two polysaccharides that maintain the health of capillaries to
      minimize puffiness around the eyes and reduce pigmentation that causes dark circles

      Phytomoist : Containing natural, plant based hyaluronic acid and betaine, phytomoist addresses hydration and
      overall suppleness of skin and helps maintain water balance over time. 4x more hydrating than hyaluronic acid

      Beautifeye ™: Composed of two plant extracts working synergistically to reduce the volume and depth of fine lines,
      wrinkles, and crow’s feet, and minimize the fold of the upper eyelid for a smoother appearance. Corrects discoloration to fade dark circles

      SYN ® EYE: A powerful blend of peptides and vitamins shown to address such concerns as undereye bags, dark
      circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness in as little as 7 days with visible results

      Janiastim : Supports re densifying effect of the dermis. Helps to improve skin smoothness and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet by increasing collagen density.

      Squalane: High purity sugarcane derived emollient helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines while
      promoting skin brightness, moisturizing and barrier health.

      Meadowfoam Seed Oil: High molecular weight emollient with a 95% long chain fatty acid profile offering rich, long lasting moisture

      Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil: A “superfood”, powerful botanical humectant rich in vitamins and minerals which promotes
      skin hydration, elasticity, cell regeneration and has anti inflammatory benefits.

      Aquacacteen : Extract of the prickly pear cactus rich in antioxidants (flavonoids), polysaccharides, vitamins and
      minerals which helps to soothe, hydrate, and protect skin.

      Glycerin: Well known humectant that draws in, retains, and balances moisture levels in skin. Helps support skin barrier
      health to improve the appearance of skin texture.

      Caffeine: Helps boost circulation and reduce puffiness so skin appears fresh and awakened. Encourages reduction in
      the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Helps to tighten and brighten the appearance of skin.


      HOW TO USE
      AM and PM

      Dispense half a pump to ring finger

      Dot around both eyes and tap gently around entire orbital area, including eye lids and above brow.

      Add Total Eye ® 3 in 1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35 in the AM for daily sun protection and color correction.

      Recommended for use twice daily.

      Luxurious, emollient balmy formula penetrates quickly and layers well under Total Eye
      ® 3 in 1 Renewal Therapy in the AM or
      over Total Eye ® Concentrate in the PM for complementary treatment

      Immediate hydration and deep lasting emollient moisture

      Supports skin barrier health

      Long term improvement in appearance of visible signs of aging around eye area, including smoothing lines and
      wrinkles, and reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness

      Can also be applied after Total Eye ® Concentrate and can be applied before and after Total Eye ® Hydrogel Treatment Masks for additional hydration

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