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About My Doctor’s Live

Our mission is to help companies and organizations have access to board certified US based physicians anytime, anywhere, and to dramatically help organizations save significant amounts of money on their insurance and health care costs.


Our organization was founded to provide people and businesses the opportunity to have health care delivered to them and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, world-wide. Providing this service is cost effective, convenient, lowers absenteeism levels, raises productivity levels all while saving organizations tremendous amounts on health care costs.


We work with organizations to help them reduce health care premiums while providing them the added benefit of a telemedicine service without the hassle of a co-pay.


Types of Telemedicine Consultations

Diagnostic Consultations - Network physicians are available for detailed consultations to diagnose common conditions and develop treatment plans, which may include medication. Members can schedule consultations online or with the help of a professional medical assistant and will receive a call from a network physician on average in 3 minutes. Diagnostic consultations are available by telephone and live video.


Informational Consultations - Informational consultations offer on-demand access to network physicians for general medical information and advice. Informational consultations are conducted by telephone or secure email. Informational consultations are connected directly to a doctor in less than one minute by telephone and secure email requests are answered in less than 30 Minutes.


When to use My Doctor’s Live

As much as 70% of all doctor office visits for common conditions can be replaced with a doctor. My Doctor’s Live telemedicine service is a convenient complement to primary care.

As a Complement to primary care, My Doctor’s Live reduces the cost and frequency of in-person consultations. Listed are some of the common conditions that may be addressed by My doctor’s Live physicians via phone, video or email consultations.


Common Cold    


Pink Eye









Ear Problems

Sore Throat


& More




My Doctors Live is an affiliate of Rossiter and Cummaro Enterprise (RCE), a health management company with more than 15 years of combined experience in telemedicine.  RCE services a wide array of clients ranging from prominent laboratories to government and educational institutions, to large corporations and small enterprises.  RCE’s commitment to compliance and service excellence is bar none.


Our business model rests on three major pillars: Compliance, speed, and efficiency.  We pride ourselves in continually striving to uphold the highest industry standards and best practices to ensure the quality reputation we have gained over the years. 


Total compliance and service excellence are our guiding lights.  We are always on the lookout for new industry regulations to adapt our procedures to ensure regulatory compliance while growing and managing our services as more states allow some form of medical marijuana use. 


For questions about My Doctor’s Live program, please contact us at 843-588-1440 or email