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Introducing UPNEEQ: Brighter Eyes in Just One Drop

May 05 2022 – Annie Clark

Introducing UPNEEQ: Brighter Eyes in Just One Drop

Introducing UPNEEQ: Brighter Eyes in Just One Drop

Say goodbye to tired eyes with UPNEEQ: the prescription eye drop that leaves you looking and feeling bright-eyed and energized. Originally formulated for those with Ptosis – droopy eyelids common with aging – this eye drop whitens and widens the appearance of your eyes. 

Not many of us can remember the last time we achieved the doctor recommended 8+ hours of sleep. Melt away Zoom fatigue, aging eyes, hours of Instagram scrolling or exhaustion within a few minutes with UPNEEQ! The FDA-approved treatment can be used once a day for a rested and alert look or can be added as needed for special occasions. Enjoy date night, important meetings, and appearances looking alert and feeling confident with the easy, one-step, addition to your skincare routine. 

But how does it work? Made with the same active ingredients as Visine – oxymetazoline hydrochloride – UPNEEQ outperforms its over-the-counter counterparts. Clinical trials show that patients saw a visible lift in their eyelids in as little as two hours. The eyedrops signal to the muscle inside your eyelid to contract and lift your eyes for close to six hours. 

UPNEEQ is an exciting option for those who prefer to avoid the route of eyelid surgery while still benefiting from a lifted look. After purchasing from the Totality Skincare site, our team from Totality Medi Spa will reach out to schedule a consultation for the prescription. 


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