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Jan Marini Marini BioShield Post-Procedure Complex

Jan Marini Marini BioShield Post-Procedure Complex



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Jan Marini Marini BioShield Post-Procedure Complex



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  • Product Description

      • Patented silicone-based non-petrolatum barrier protection for immediate post-procedure recovery
      • Targeted growth factors, peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid reduce downtime and appearance of redness for faster recovery while enhancing treatment results
      • Near invisible matte finish protects skin and significantly increases user experience and satisfaction
      • Designed for immediate use following chemical peel treatments, PDT (photo dynamic therapy), ablative and non-ablative laser procedures, and most treatments commonly associated with social downtime.

      • Growth Factors
      • Epidermal Growth Factor
      • Fibroblast Growth Factor
      • Transforming Growth Factor beta 1
      • Anti-Aging Peptides
      • Hyaluronic Acid
      • CoEnzyme Q10
      • Silicone

      Application Instructions (Post-Treatment Period):
      To balance an optimal healing environment with superior wearability, the volume of Marini BioShield applied will change over the course of the recovery period. Thicker layers of Marini BioShield during initial recovery will enhance barrier protection for improved moisture retention and repair. As the skin heals, less product is required, making it easier to wear under makeup.
      1. Always wash hands prior to touching the treated area.
      2. Always apply to clean skin. When re-applying Marini BioShield, thoroughly clean the treated area prior to application.
      3. To apply Marini BioShield, use singular GENTLE, LONG, SLOW, SMOOTH strokes across the entire treated area.
      a) Fast motions can irritate the skin. Circular motions or dabbing will apply an inconsistent layer & may cause the product to ball up or flake off.
      b) Do not attempt to rub the product in.
      4. Start with a generous quantity (one full fingertip), and apply more product as needed to create a smooth protective layer over the surface of the skin.
      a) Apply using a thicker layer during initial recovery (1 level teaspoon,
      5ml, for a half face after more aggressive procedures).
      b) As the skin recovers, reduce the quantity for an invisible, matte application.
      5. Once applied, do not touch the skin.
      6. Depending on the treatment, some people may experience excessively
      dry skin for a limited period of time. If your skin feels excessively dry:
      a) Apply a thicker layer of Marini BioShield OR
      b) Apply a thick layer of a highly occlusive product (such as Vaseline)
      on top of a thin layer of Marini BioShield. If using with another
      product, apply Marini BioShield first to keep key ingredients in
      contact with the skin.
      c) As soon as comfortable or desired, return to using Marini BioShield only.

      1. Gently but thoroughly remove all Marini
      BioShield each time the face is washed.
      2. To wash the face:
      a) Follow all washing instructions
      recommended by your treatment provider.
      b) Otherwise, wash the treated area at least
      two times per day, or as frequently as
      desired, using clean water.
      3) Once the skin is clean, proceed with
      re-application of Marini BioShield.

      SKIN TYPES: All

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