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patchology Kiss Kiss Lip Perfecting Duo

patchology Kiss Kiss Lip Perfecting Duo



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patchology Kiss Kiss Lip Perfecting Duo



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      Perfect your pout with the Kiss Kiss Lip Perfecting Duo kit, designed to hydrate and nourish the lips.

      1 Lip Service Gloss-to-Balm Treatment
      1 FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gel


      Pucker Up

      Make our FlashPatch® Hydrating Lip Gels a daily part of your regular pre-makeup skin care regimen. You can also put them on at night to soothe your lips.
      Step 1: Place lip gel onto clean lips for 5 minutes (or longer if desired).
      Step 2: Discard after use and massage any remaining serum in and around the lip area.

      Apply Lip Service to clean, bare lips, over makeup throughout the day, or at night, for kissable softness. The definition of sealed with a kiss. Lip Service transforms from a lush gloss into a nourishing treatment balm for a smooch-worthy pout any time, anywhere. Swipe it on and pucker up.

      Give your pout something to smile about with our three step lip lock process:

      exfoliate: using gentle circular movements, buff lips with a soft, unused toothbrush.
      mask: wear your FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gel for at least 5 minutes.
      protect: finally, make the most of your refreshed lips with a swipe of Lip Service treatment gloss-to-balm.

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